Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Low Carb?

Hi guys! I wanted to make a quick post explaining how I will lose this 100 lbs. It's a two parter really. I'll go over the diet part in this post and I'll cover the supplements that I'm going to use in another post.

So obviously I can't continue to eat the way I do and expect to lose any weight. I've tried every diet out there. All of 'em.

I was there with Susan Powter when we were trying to "Stop the Insanity!"

When no one was watching, I was Sweatin' to the Oldies right beside Richard.

I ate my grapefruit and cabbage soup. gross.

I've tried every miracle weight loss super food ever spouted by the latest Women's magazine. So why am I still fat?!! well I wasn't consistant. I LOVE carbs! there I said it. But carbs don't love me. In fact, my body is so out of whack that no matter what I do these days, I can not lose a single pound. I know that low carb is the best choice when it comes to eating healthy for me. I'm not talking about eating bacon cheese patties dipped in butter either. I mean low sugar, complex carbohydrates, and some healthy fat. So why did I choose to go with a lower carb plan instead of low fat. That's an easy one. On the low carb plan my blood sugar is stable and I'm not hungry. On the low fat plan I could eat the entire fridge without opening the doors. I can't think straight when I'm starving. I don't make good choices and I end up giving up. Giving up is not an option this time. So low carb it is. 

How Does Low Carb Work??? 

Sugar is toxic in the blood. So the body has to get it out of the blood quickly before it starts to do damage. When you eat something with too many carbohydrates in it (carbs), your body releases a hormone called insulin, into your blood stream. The insulin rushes in and tells your cells to absorb the sugar out of the blood and then tells your fat cells not to even think about releasing any fat because we already have enough sugar (carbs) in the blood. We can use that for energy and once that's gone thennn we can think about using the fat stores.

Like I said sugar is toxic in the blood so insulin is a pretty handy little hormone to have around. Think about a person with diabetes. Yet another horrible disease that can happen to us if we carry around too much weight. The reason diabetics have such bad health problems (blindness, circulation problems, stroke, heart disease, etc.) is because of the damage sugar does to them because they don't have enough insulin released to keep the sugar from hurting their organs and blood vessels.

When you eat something with too much of sugar in it, your blood sugar level spikes. The body then freaks out and releases too much insulin. So it takes too much sugar back out causing low blood sugar levels. So now, you are starving! you want more sugar! so your body craves it. Now, when I say sugar I mean carbs because we all know that bread, pasta, crackers, potatoes, etc all turn to sugar once it's broken down.
So on the one hand insulin saved your butt. It kept the sugar from hurting your body. But on the other hand it keeps you from using up your fat stores and helped you store just a little more too. Thank you, oh mighty Insulin.
There are many different low carb diets around. Some limit the carbs more than others. On average they all seem to agree that 30-40 carbs a day will keep you from releasing very much insulin. So now your body can burn the fat that you eat for energy instead of storing it. If you need more energy (exercise, anyone) then you will dip into those stubborn fat stores releasing the contents into your bloodstream to be used for energy.

Most of us eat such a huge amount a carbs that we always have enough sugar to burn on hand to use for quick energy. That's why runners carb load before a big race...they actually need the quick energy! But most of us are not running ten miles a day so this stuff really adds up. Just take a look at the picture on the left. This is the stuff that's no good. This is what I'm talking about when I say the carbs have to go! Some people will actually argue with me and say that we need this junk. Really?! did our ancestors have to wrestle a donut to the ground or spear a pancake in order to survive?? (ok made myself laugh on that one..picture a panic stricken pancake running for her life hahaha). but umm anyway... lol

The food we eat is broken into only three categories. Protein, Fat, and Carbs. Now, I'm not saying eating low carb (low insulin) is the only way to lose weight. It's not. You could also lose weight by eating low fat. But mind you, if you do that, prepare yourself to be hungry. There is no way around it. Think of insulin as the glue that carries the fat to the cell to be stored. If there is no insulin then the fat you just ate can not be glued to it and stored. Instead of being stored, it just goes on through the system as waste. That's Low Carb.  Now, if you are eating a low fat diet. That means you are eating high carb. So tons of insulin (glue) is being released but very low fat is being eaten. Lots of glue but no fat to be glued. Either one will work. On one plan you will be very hungry because of all the blood sugar spikes and crashes. On the other you will be very satisfied the majority of the time. There are sooo many programs out there these days that have you counting calories and watching your fat. The people are usually very hungry on these programs like Weight Watchers. Unless they are eating a ton of veggies to fill up (it can be done). Many of them succeed by doing it this way. They have meetings and a big support system so sometimes it works. As for me, i'm not that strong. If I have major hunger pangs all day long, i'm miserable! and i'm pissed off. I'm no one to be trifled with.
One of the reasons a low carb diet works is because protein and fat satisfy your hunger. When you eat a steak (protein), you don't keep going back for more and more steak. That's it, you are full and you stay full for quite some time. I don't have to call my Weight Watcher buddy to talk me out of going to get another one. I can't say the same for ice cream, chips, and cookies.

As for me, I don't have a great amount of will power. Like I said before, I know the power of a cookie. What I've got to realize is that I can still have treats like that. It may not be a super convenient cookie I grabbed off the shelf somewhere in a desperate sugar rage. But there are tons of recipes for low carb goodies that i can make at home. There's even Ice Cream! I'm telling you. I have no excuse not to do this unless pure laziness will do. I'll share everything with you along the way too.

Anyhoo...that is just a quick little post to explain why I chose to lose the weight doing low carb instead of low fat/low calorie. I do plan on adding exercise along the way at some point as well. If my foot doesn't heal soon, i'll be looking at surgery for my plantar fasciitis. :( I'm hoping that getting some weight off will ease the stress on my fat lil Flinstone feet.

Until my next rant...

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