Friday, November 16, 2012

Deadly Donuts

It's bad enough that I'm trying to lose weight at the worst possible time of the year but now we're gonna bring in donuts too. I like all the people I work with. I really do but stop with the junk food! We get drug reps who bring us lunch or Starbucks or whatever all during the week. I've been good though. I have been bringing my own lunch so that I'm not sitting there starving and having to smell all the wonderful food smells floating through this building like a big-pink-cotton candy-carb cloud of doom!! The good part of this way of eating is that I'm keeping my hunger under control. When your hunger is under control, the cravings are way less. Trust me, If I was all sugared up on those destro-donuts then I would be driving Nascar style to the nearest burger butts home of the big nasty triple pounder. So anyway, instead of skinny girls bag of donuts, I chose to make something simple but satisfying. Three sausage patties that are already cooked. They come in a bag in the frozen section of Wal-Mart. You pop 'em in the microwave for a few seconds and voila! just as juicy as if you had cooked them by hand in a pan man. Then I sprinkled some colby and cheddar cubes on top and warmed up a low carb tortilla. I used Mission brand but I have others too. So that's about 5 carbs for that and it was yummy. Skinny girl says "ooooooh that smells goood!!!, what cha makin'!?" wanna know what I said? I said, YOU shut your skinny lil lips skinny girl! no one likes you or your cute little pink top with the chocolate doughnut sprinkles scattered around!!!!! beeotch!. What do you think of that!! then I went into a Karate stance and the punk backed off.   Ok Ok maybe I didn't really say all that. I was at work after all and I have to be professional. This isn't the back alley of the Circle K, this is a hospital for Pete's sake. So all I really said was "oh just a little sausage burrito". Then I scurried off like a fat rat and stuffed the whole thing in my cheeks. But you know what? I feel great. I'm not hungry. My breakfast was good. Best of all I'm proud of myself for not giving in to the bag -o- donuts. Oh yeah and just for fun I went to the Dunkin' Donuts website and looked up the nutrition value of the donut that I would have eaten today if I hadn't been trying to lose weight. Oh gosh. Are you ready for this? ...... Do you know how many carbs are in a chocolate eclair???? For just ONE eclair...and I would have eaten two easily. One eclair...hold on to your hats...

52 Carbs!!!!!!!

 You didn't get me today evil donuts. Not today.

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