Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 1

Hi. Welcome to my life. I'm a 40 yr old medical professional and mom to two beautiful girls. I'll admit 40 is not a birthday that I was looking forward to. But it's really hit me harder than I thought it would. I'm very overweight and I'm finally starting to feel it. I've been fat my entire life. How fat? sigh... put it this way. You see that picture over there on your right? That is me in furry form. It's hard to get anything done like this. lol

But I've also been healthy. Or so I thought. I didn't have all the classic obesity related medical problems. I guess I thought I was never going to. I would be one of those rare individuals who was fat, but healthy. Well, that person doesn't exist. Sooner or later, it catches up with us all. For my fat 40th birthday I received several gifts. Let's see...I got..high blood pressure, and insulin resistance...and PCOS annnd a great big 'ol fatty liver!!!....annnnddd. oh!...some sleep apnea....annnnddd oh I almost forgot plantar fasciitis! i got two of those. heehee   What happened!!!!??? I was fine at 39! ugh. It got me. It finally caught up with me. So here I am writing a blog. How cliche'. lol But I need to do this for myself. I have made up my mind that I will not become one of those people who end up in an early grave due to poor health caused by obesity. So I'm bringing my journey to you. I need your support and I need to be held accountable for myself. Just a warning though...I do like science and I keep up with research. I may have to bust out some nerdy stuff on you at times. Don't let that scare you off though. This is information that we need to know! We are getting fatter and fatter as a nation and there is no end in sight. Ask yourself this question. Is there any money to be made if we are all healthy? What would happen to the weight loss industry? All the magic pills that do nothing more than bring in millions of dollars for people who could care less if we gain our health back. It's all a scam.

I've decided to lose 100 + pounds. How do I plan to do it? That's a damn good question. One that I finally have the answer to. By finally giving my body the nutrition that I have denied it for 40 years. Boring, right. Well OK it's not some fly by night mega super African berry pill that takes off ten pounds in a day but it's solid and it's healthy and it's the right way to do it. Truth is I'm going to have to cut the sugar way way down and I'm going to have to use supplements. There is no way around it. I am nutritionally starved. I have simply got to get these vitamins and nutrients into my cells so they will start working right again. 40 years of abusing myself with crash diets has left me with this body, low self esteem and now health issues. All of which can be cured if I lose this weight.

I've made horrible food choices. I'm telling you now, I won't be a saint though this journey. I know how I am and I know the awesome power of a cookie. The truth is one cookie won't kill you. It won't. But who has one cookie, right. So i'm going to have to make some hard decisions here. My good old standby diet has always been low carb. Problem is, it stopped working for me. I stayed true to it and didn't lose anything. So of course I had a meltdown and broke the diet ...cookie monster style. It wasn't pretty.  I am going to use herbs and supplements to get the nutrition that I can not get from food alone. I simply HAVE to. So the research began and a decision was made to go with a line of supplements that had QUALITY. I've known for years that the junk you buy at Wal-Mart, discount drug stores or even these little nutrition stores at the mall are not regulated by anyone. They are full of fillers and are poor quality at best. I'm not wasting my money on that. I've decided to go with supplements from a company called Advocare. Let's just say that I was so impressed with the research I did and the science behind the nutrition that I signed up. I'm all in! and this my friends, is my DAY 1.

Weight: 247 lbs

Neck 17.5
Bust: 47
Waist: 44
Hips: 48
Bicep: 18
Thigh: 27.5

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